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généalogy Béatrice PHILIPPE


Finally, the genealogy section announced in recent months comes true!

Every month from now on, we propose a contribution dedicated to the genealogy and history of a prominent family having a link with Foussemagne. Unpretentiously, the main objective will be to publicize the village, its history, and people who lived there.

These contributions will take the form of genealogy charts, ascending or descending, with a few comments. This topic will be interactive, users have the opportunity to comment, possibly rectify or upgrade these charts.

To open this new section, we are going to discover a branch of the genealogy of our president, Beatrice PHILIPPE, emeritus professor of Jewish history and member of the Scientific Committee of the "Foussemagne Museum" project.

ancien chercheur au CNRS, spécialiste d’histoire locale et de généalogie